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          I am for insurrection because I am against genocide of our people


Lately, the issue of the use of violence has come to the front in the political dialogue in occupied Hellas.

There are many people with no political knowledge at all, who have never been involved in politics, and disagree with insurrection as a means of escape from the political cesspool we are now finding ourselves in.

So I do not expect consistency and high quality arguments about any subject that arises in everyday political battle from these people; let alone insurrection.

My view on violence, it’s not about plain violence. It is about national resistance against imperialism. Those who are against insurrection stand accused of not defending the Hellenic people at a time of genocide.

They are responsible for not defending their country by any means at a time of violent invasion and occupation which results in many deaths.

So their problem is not that they do not like violence. They do. Believe me, they do. They like the enemy's violence.

It is a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, where victims of violence start to sympathize with the perpetrators of violence. If they don't sympathize, they at least remain passive or neutral in front of the killing of their fellow citizens.

Do they realize that if they suffer an accident and need go to hospital in Hellas, there is a high probability doctors won't be able to treat them because they lack basic medical supplies?

Do they realize that violence is not only the use of guns but also the deliberate lack of food, of medicines, of electric power supply, of education?

If they do care about their fellow citizens, let them answer these life-or-death questions, and then I will debate their uneasiness about guns.

But first they must persuade us that they want to fight for change; not just talk about change. And they have not persuaded me.

Unless the maximum we can expect from them to save our country from ruin is an election campaign.

No thanks. I am for insurrection because I am against genocide of our people. 


Iphicratis Amyras


1, in the beginning of the month Mounikhionos of the year 2788 after first Olympiada



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